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Innovation Landscapes of China and India

The goal of innovation is to create value by creating viable commercial solutions to unmet/undermet customer needs, wants, challenges, or problems. 

The innovation ecosystem of a nation is shaped by a complex mix of factors, such as - the country’s economic climate, government’s vision, research environment, creative workforce,  investment climate,  effective intellectual property rights protection, and ease of commercialization, to mention a few.  This book compares the innovation ecosystems of two of the fastest growing economies in the world, namely China and India, and analyzes the impact on their Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) regimes.    

Strategic Innovation Management

Engineers and scientists engaged in creative works, inventions, and innovations – as part of the free-market system – must understand what Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are and know how to strategically employ them to create competitive advantage, wealth, and value.  Indeed, a major contributing factor to non-awareness of IPRs amongst the technical audience is the lack of availability of easily-understandable, business-relevant, and comprehensive books on the subject.  This book provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, strategic innovation management perspectives of IPRs to practicing scientists and engineers for creation of competitive advantage, wealth and value.